At the age of 18, I made the decision to not follow the traditional path of going to University and instead chose to do an Apprenticeship. I’ve always enjoyed earning money and working in different business sectors. After completing my GCSE’s, I didn’t want to have to choose between earning my own money or getting a better education. I don’t think many people admit to this!

I am the first person in my family to have the opportunity to go to University. This coupled with the school system pushing University as the only next step, I felt under a large amount of pressure to follow this route. With this in mind, I did what everyone else did and chose to do A-Levels in order to get into University.

For years Apprenticeships and Universities have been head to head, Apprenticeships being seen as the poor alternative for those that ‘cannot hack university’. This was something that was certainly reinforced by my secondary school and sixth form. Hours and hours of ‘university talk’ before I had even finished my first year.

It wasn’t until halfway through my A-Levels that I realised this wasn’t for me, it didn’t suit my learning style and I felt as if my abilities weren’t being pushed to the max. Disregarding the disappointing comments from my teachers and peers I decided to drop out of sixth form and look for an Apprenticeship in Human Resources.

Despite Apprenticeships being largely ignored in favour of University, I knew I wanted a career in HR and what better way to learn than around an amazing team.

‘I have developed many great skills and a wealth of knowledge of general HR’

So, here I am a year and a half into my Apprenticeship at Blenheim Palace. Not only have I completed my Business Administration Qualification, but I have started my CIPD L3 in HR and I am more than excited for the future. Waking up and looking forward to going to work is a goal that everyone should have.

I have learnt more in the last 18 months then I did during my A-Levels; whether this is learning how to work within a business environment or how to make the perfect cup of tea…I have developed many great skills and a wealth of knowledge of general HR.

Most importantly I have learnt a huge deal about myself and the experiences I have practised have moulded me into the person I am today. With the support and structure around me, I hope to complete my CIPD L3 and start my CIPD L5 in Human Resources Management.

Blenheim have supported me massively during my Apprenticeship, the opportunity to have close working relationships with people from across the business and having the responsibility of ensuring employee wellbeing and development is a very rewarding role. I couldn’t ask for a better structure around me to grow into the person I want to be.

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WORDS BY Ellie Yendle
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