Jordan Flynn is a twenty-three-year-old professional boxer from Cowley, Oxford, where he began boxing from the age of eight. He is now a 3x National Champion after representing England on a number of occasions. Jordan tells us his Dad got him into boxing because he was always very hyper… 

What’s the journey been like from when you started until now?

“It’s been up and down. There are a lot of ups and downs. I first started to compete when I was 11, so it took me a few years of training until I was properly competing. I’ve been fortunate to box for England and win three national titles. I’ve boxed against Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Three Nations, a lot of dual matches.”

I was boxing at Berinsfield, I was their first national champion, and the first boxer to box for England. I got to a certain level where I needed to move on. So I moved to London and I started training there. I used to commute when I was 15, I needed better sparing and more challenges.”

Jordan Flynn at his local gym in Cowley.

What was it like when you got your call up for England?

“It was amazing. It was a big achievement for me, it was my dream from when I started boxing that I wanted to represent my country. I won the national championship and by winning that then I got the opportunity to box for England in the Three Nations. I was ‘number one’ in England and I was selected for various tournaments.”

Who did you look up to growing up?

“When I first started boxing, Amir Khan was doing very well at the time, so I used to watch him. I didn’t have anyone that I wanted to be like, I just looked at certain people who had aspirations of becoming a world champion and that has been my dream in boxing from day one.“

How often are you training?

“I train in London, so I’m travelling to and from five days a week… it’s a full-time job. I also train on Saturday’s, so, technically, I’m working six days a week. I have my own trainer which helps, Kevin Mitchell. He was a professional boxer as well and he’s boxed at world level for world titles.”

What’s your diet like?

“If I haven’t got a fight coming up, I try and eat well, I try not to eat too bad. If you have a fight in the diary, then you have to take your diet seriously and be strict with your nutrition. It has a huge effect on how you perform, not just your weight, performance and energy levels.”

“It all comes down to your nutrition. It’s no good going to the gym to train and then going home to eat a pizza. But I do have a little dessert here and there.”

Have you ever had a bad injury?

“Yes. It was a couple of years ago now. I boxed for England in the GB Championships in 2015. A month or so after the fight I got something called Vertigo. It’s a condition where you end up feeling very dizzy and off-balance. The doctor said it might have come from an ear infection. I was flying to Sweden for a fight out there and they think I must have picked it up from the plane. That went on for about two years.

I carried on through the pain and carried on with my boxing. It’s hard to box when you feel dizzy all of the time. Sometimes on the day of the fights I would be worried about how I was going to feel, which was a huge distraction, it was horrible. Now that I am fully recovered, I feel much better in my all-round game. I’m feeling healthy now, and that makes a big difference.”

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

“I got picked to spar in the Olympic ring with another boxer in the 2012 London Olympics. We were both national champions back then. They wanted to pick the two up and coming boxers for a test. I was too young to compete then, unfortunately, but it was a crazy experience. They scored it and I did actually win which was even better. I was one of two people out of the whole country, so it was incredible to be picked.

Jordan Flynn at his local gym in Cowley.

“When I boxed for England against Scotland in the National Championship in Edinburgh, the atmosphere was crazy, the Scottish people are very passionate. I won the match, so that was another crazy experience.”

“I turned professional towards the end of twenty-nineteen from amateur level, a when you’re an amateur, you don’t get huge crowds, but this was over 1,000 people… it was crazy.”

Flynn won on his professional debut towards the end of last year at the Brentwood Centre. Follow Jordan on Instagram to follow his exciting journey and hear about his upcoming fights.

WORDS BY Jordan Flynn & Ed Rosser
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