Etana Is Entangled With Being Underlooked

GRAMMY nominations, features on a plethora of significant publications, and a huge fan base should key in Caribbean music stalwart Etana as one of the world’s most recognizable musicians. However, she is very much looked upon as a hidden gem. That’s right; a GRAMMY-nominated artist with millions of streams is considered a “hidden gem.”

Etana presents a compelling case. Why is she so overlooked? Is it because she is not scandalous? Is it because she carries herself with much grace and class? It might be because she values the actual real-life success of social media fame.

We are not saying that high social media numbers don’t mean great commercial success. However, we are saying that Etana values being on the scene in person over a huge social media following.

Her success is more old school, but it’s practical to critical acclaim. Etana’s music speaks more for her than. The latest release from the award-winning singer “Gemini” epitomizes the highest calibre of music worldwide and shows regardless of social media acclaim that prodigious talent wins in the long run.

Check out Etana for her incredible musical talent by streaming “Gemini” on your favourite digital platform. Sooner than later, the Caribbean revolution, aka Etana, will get the social media praise that she deserves.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY All rights reserved by Etana.