Nailah Blackman Is The First Caribbean Woman To Get features On Audiomack’s Music Artist Series “Bubbling”

The ascending musical platform Audiomack has always had a hand in the development and spreading awareness of budding musical superstars, especially ones from the Caribbean islands. Headed by Tanya Lawson, Director of Afrobeats and Reggae at Audiomack, the streaming platform wants to break barriers for artists from the Islands of all genres.

With Bubbling, their artist feature platform, Audiomack has done it again with a fantastic new feature for Soca artist Nailah Blackman. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Blackman is the first Caribbean woman artist to get a behind the scenes look at her creativity through Audiomack’s Bubbling series.

Through her music, the Trinidadian rising star shares messages of love, joy, and infatuation. Bubbling gives viewers easy access via the Audiomack app and website to get a firsthand look at a different side of Blackman’s life. Audiomack’s easy to access capabilities and uber creativity on display with series like Bubbling make it easier than ever for Caribbean talent to get discovered more than ever by demographics of the world of all cultures, ages, and ethnicities.

Also, the brand recently conducted panels and lives which detail discussions of continuing to push the culture of Caribbean music and educating the world about the artists. Next in line for the brand is a series of IG live interviews that showcase them to Audiomack’s huge Instagram following to the world, which includes DJ Antz Man.

Innovation and dedication are the two driving points for Audiomack push for the sounds of the Caribbean, which continues to push boundaries for the artists and countries. Soon more Caribbean artists like Nailah Blackman will get their shine of Bubbling and more series thanks to the team at Audiomack.

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