Trinidad’s Vanguard Melly Rose Makes Doing The Right Thing “Body Good” With Powerful Music Video

New York, New York (August 19th, 2020) – The social butterfly for justice hailing from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago AKA Melly Rose releases a body empowerment anthem for black women with “Body Good.” Accompanying the upbeat production of the track, Rose uses her distance voice to curate an audio safe haven for black women all over the world to listen and feel appreciated for all of their beautiful imperfections.

To go along with the single, Rose adds in a powerful music video in which various scenes showcase black women of all skin tones and body types that illustrates the point that black women should be loved regardless of how they look. Her message is clear and akin to the legendary Tupac verse, “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots.”

Throughout the video, she pays homage to the Black Lives Matter movement going on worldwide with BLM on her fingernails and other powerful symbolism, which is meant to send a clear message to viewers.

“Being a black woman and a graduate from an HBCU, Morgan State University, I will always side with black people,” Melly Rose said passionately. “I want my fellow black women and women of any body type or complexion to feel and look good in their natural-born beauty.”

Hoping to make a difference with her gift of making mellow music, Melly Rose hopes “Body Good” makes significant progressive progress changing the landscape on how society views black women. The official release is out now.

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