NX is a private members community helping to stimulate growth for entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives under 30.

We provide our members with interviews, articles, short stories, features and events alongside a variety of industries and people giving insightful information to help stimulate personal and collective growth.

NX began as a clothing brand called ‘OXC’ back in 2017. More than the clothing, we fell in love with the community we had started to build at our photoshoots and video sets. Makeup artists, models, artists, videographers, photographers, music artists and producers to name a few, would come to work on set and then connect and collaborate with each other after meeting at the shoot. This repositioned ‘OXC’ into a community of young creatives. Now, everything we do is about building our community, under a new brand and vision, NX.

We hope to welcome you to our growing community soon.