Jordan Flynn at his local gym in Cowley.


Jordan Flynn is a twenty-three-year-old professional boxer from Cowley, Oxford, where he began boxing from the age of eight. He is now a 3x National Champion after representing England on a number of occasions. Jordan tells us his Dad got him into boxing because he was always very hyper… 


At the age of 18, I made the decision to not follow the traditional path of going to University and instead chose to do an Apprenticeship. I’ve always enjoyed earning money and working in different business sectors. After completing my GCSE’s, I didn’t want to have to choose between earning my own money or getting a better education. I don’t think many people admit to this!

Scott Styles and Scott Supreme

Cooking up with Supreme and Styles

From finding EJ CD’s in a cereal box to working with some of the biggest music artists in the world, Scott Supreme and Scott Styles are super producers in their own rights. We visited the studio in Central London where they produce their music to sit down and learn more about their journey so far…

Fashion Designer & CEO of Nok Nok London

Nok Nok was born out of a nickname given to now, fashion designer, and CEO, Angel Nokonoko when he was growing up. Nok Nok injects a fusion of London subcultures including old school punk, rock, as well as the more urban, hip-hop, R&B and trap culture. Another element of influence for the brand is based around where Angel grew up, the island of Ibiza. This is where the nightlife influences and the edginess starts to shine through.

Charlie Sawyer Photography

We got to speak with Charlie Sawyer, a household name in the London photography scene, shooting commercial campaigns for some of the biggest brands and influencers around the world. In this interview, we get to learn more about Charlie’s journey in his early career…